Andrea Manoli

A law graduate with an LLM in International Commercial law, a Master of Arts in Security and Diplomacy, a Professional Certificate in Arbitration and TEFL.

Currently a PhD candidate at the University of Central Lancashire on Children’s rights and sexually exploitation of children in the Island of Cyprus. My research interests focus on children rights, human rights, criminal law, sexual offences, juvenile delinquency, public law, colonialism, political communications and diplomacy. Working as a lawyer full-time and studying at the same time made me a perfectionist and a hard-working youth aiming always for the best. Learnt to work with troublesome cases as I undertook various litigation involving children. I can work alone or with groups effectively as I am both an advocate and an academic. My work in political institutions offered me a better understanding of the cultural relativism of societies, but also the benefits of diversity and inclusion. I enjoy giving by active means through various NGOs (I am currently the president of a Lions Larnaca Liberty). I am very consistent, communicative and respectful. Acknowledging the importance of education and in an aim to expand my academic horizons I have completed a number of specialised courses (Yale University – Moral Foundations of Politics; University of Harvard – Child Protection: Children’s Rights in Theory and Practice; Leiden University – Certificate in Terrorism & Counter-terrorism; Université de Genève – Certificate in Children’s Rights: An Interdisciplinary Introduction). Moreover, I have had the opportunity to work with experience academics and research scholars (teaching and researching) and I was offered the opportunity to participate as a research fellow on the Jean Monnet Module entitled European Union Law and Governance in Populist Times (2019-2022). Bearing in mind all the above, I am dedicated to research which combines both theoretical and practical thematises beleaguering the world, in an aim to have a real impact in societies.