Academic Profile

Dr. Katerina Kalaitzaki
Research Scholar

Dr. Katerina Kalaitzaki was appointed as an Early Career Fellow in EU Law at the Edinburgh Law School in September 2019. She is currently acting as the Programme Director for the European Law LLM programme (2019-20) and as the Course Organiser for the European Law Moot Court. She has further teaching duties both on the LLM and the LLB programmes in the area of European Union Law. Katerina is also an accredited mediator in the UK since April 2019 and a non-practising lawyer (Cyprus Legal Board) since September 2015.

She was awarded her PhD for her thesis “EU citizenship as a means of reinforcement of EU fundamental rights: challenges, developments, limits” in June 2019, after submitting it in December 2018. The research, using the case study of the financial crisis, proposes that a constructivist approach to EU citizenship can constitute the key element in reinforcing the current fundamental rights protection system, through a structural link with EU fundamental, based on a newly developed doctrine of the CJEU.

Katerina’s research interests lie in the area of EU citizenship and EU fundamental principles and values. Current projects deal with the development and/or potential use of these concepts, including the rule of law principle, during periods of crises such as Brexit and the rule of law crisis.