On 11 and 12 June 2018 ICLAIM, a notified ADR entity for consumer disputes in Cyprus, participated in the first Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Assembly 2018 in Brussels hosted by the European Commission. The event brought together representatives of notified European ADR entities, ADR competent authorities, ODR contact points, European Consumer Centres, consumer organisations, business associations and other stakeholders. The Assembly provided a forum to exchange best practice, network and discuss questions around the effective provision of alternative and online dispute resolution of consumer disputes.

The overall questions discussed were how the EU framework for ADR is currently working on the ground and what needs to be improved in the practical application of the framework so that it fully delivers on its potential. Participants were grouped in workshops and invited to engage through discussion by considering specific questions. The questions posed were how different ADR models work in practice, how can high quality in ADR be ensured, how can all stakeholders be engaged in ADR, what are the challenges they face and what solutions can be found, and how can a peer-to-peer network support ADR work. The conversations to a large extent were held with a participatory and collective approach guided by external facilitators as structured open dialogues to exchange knowledge on experiences, challenges and opportunities. The Assembly was a unique opportunity for ICLAIM to take its considerations of the above questions and explore the effective provision of alternative and online dispute resolution amongst practitioners in Europe and Cyprus in particular.