The mediation training held in July 2017 at the UCLan Cyprus campus was an accredited course designed for lawyers, academics, civil society organisations, NGOs, community workers, police officers, social workers, probation officers, school teachers, good relations officers, project officers and facilitators who work in group settings.

It was designed to help participants understand the role of mediation in helping individuals and organisations resolve disputes and conflicts at an early stage thus avoiding long and expensive legal battles.

The course helped participants understand how mediation can assist in managing different situations. It also helped them understand the concept of mediation and how to utilise the skills of a mediator in a conflict or a crisis situation.

Participants included lawyers, academics including from abroad, representatives of the civil society, as well as other professionals. They were divided into groups and engaged in simulated exercises. This was followed by constructive feedback sessions and assessment.

The trainer, Michael Doherty, is a renowned expert in the field of peacebuilding and is located in Northern Ireland. He was trained as a Mediator at Fordham Law School in New York and at the School of Psychotherapy and Counselling at Regents College, London.

ICLAIM is currently working on a Cyprus Mediation Handbook and welcomes suggestions for collaboration in this field.