Academic Profile

Nadia Kornioti is a qualified lawyer in the Republic of Cyprus, holding an LLB from the University of Leicester, UK and an LLM in Public International Law from University College London, UK. Currently, she is a Researcher and Trainer at ICLAIM and a PhD candidate at the University of Central Lancashire (Cyprus Campus). She has previously worked and collaborated with a number of international, regional and Cypriot institutions, including numerous Non-Governmental Organisations, in the areas of Migration, Asylum, Reconciliation, Transitional Justice and Peace Education. She has both received training and facilitated workshops in these areas, involving diverse groups of participants, in terms of age and background. She is one of the reviewers of the ‘Handbook on Social Mediation’ published by ICLAIM, while she is also a Social Mediation trainer as of July 2018. Building on previous and current experience, her research areas of interest range from general Public International Law, with an emphasis on International Humanitarian Law, to legal history and theory, Refugee and Migration Law, Transitional Justice and Memory, and the Law’s interaction with the Social Sciences, with a focus on vulnerable and under-represented groups.