ICLAIM is an interdisciplinary centre for Law, Alternative and Innovative Methods, a non-profit organisation based in Cyprus

Engagement with the legal profession, the industry and the public

Educational training

Vocational training

Social entrepreneurship and service to the community

Through, inter alia, the marketisation of outputs and the securing of external funding to conduct its activities in Cyprus and beyond, ICLAIM is a vehicle for responsible research, innovation and enterprise in the aforementioned fields

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ICLAIM is an interdisciplinary not-for-profit Centre, which closely works with UCLan Cyprus on law in the real world, socio-legal issues and disputes arising in a transnational and interdisciplinary context, at all levels of the legal order and multi-level...

Mediation Training – Overview

The mediation training held in July 2017 at the UCLan Cyprus campus was an accredited course designed for lawyers, academics, civil society organisations, NGOs, community workers, police officers, social workers, probation officers, school teachers, good...

ICLAIM resident members are credited with local, regional and global initiatives focusing on very diverse fields of the law in the real world, through alternative and innovative methods. We work very closely with internationally respected and distinguished researchers and academics as well as key industry partners and professionals, including in the public sector, in Cyprus, Europe and the wider region


For further information about ICLAIM, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@iclaimcentre.org. Professionals are welcome to contact us with any ideas they may have falling within the ambit of ICLAIM and which they would like to develop in partnership with ICLAIM.