Anastasios Andreou (2019-2020)

My name is Anastasios Andreou and I am the Strategy and Communication Officer of ICLAIM. I am currently a first year student at UCLan, undertaking the LLB course. I have been involved as an intern in ICLAIM for several reasons. Most importantly, because as an individual, I believe that I can contribute to the achievement of this non- profit organisation’s objectives. I am a graduate of the American Academy Larnaca, where the values of respect and provision of services to the community are embodied in the school’s moto “to grow and to serve.” Accordingly, under the membership of several school clubs, I had the chance to visit and provide humanitarian aid to the Kofinou refugee camp and to an institution for children with disabilities. Adding to the above, my participation to a school club associated with disabled people and the aspect of sports, gave me the opportunity to give speeches regarding equality and fairness in sports. I have also been a member of a non-profit foundation called ‘Walking with Elena’, which aims at raising money for disabled people, as a gesture of sensitizing people for the affair of Human Rights. Through those experiences, I believe that I became familiar with minority groups and I am therefore better able to address problematic areas around them.