Fezile Osum

Fezile holds LLB degree from University of Kent and Human Rights Law (LLM) degree from İstanbul Bilgi University. She is a first year PhD student in University of Central Lancashire and her research involves conflict-related sexual and gender-based violence and transitional justice. She also works as a project coordinator in EU funded Coordinated Measures and Mechanisms for Anti-Trafficking (COMMIT) Project in Refugee Rights Association at northern part of Cyprus. Her previous work in “Strengthening Asylum in Cyprus” project in partnership with SOS Children’s Village and United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) was involving working closely with refugees and asylum seekers and providing them legal assistance. Fezile has been working and volunteering in various human rights organizations including Turkish Cypriot Human Rights Foundation, Queer Cyprus Association and Refugee Rights Association in northern part of Cyprus. Her main areas of interest are transitional justice, international humanitarian law, refugee law and combating human trafficking.