Kateryna Shabanova (2020-2021)

My name is Kateryna Shabanova. I am originally from Ukraine but currently residing in Cyprus. I successfully obtained a Bachelor Degree in Law at the University of Central Lancashire, Cyprus this summer. Currently I am a post-graduate student studying Law continuing my journey at UCLan Cyprus. At ICLAIM, my main focus is communication strategy and social outreach.

My journey in legal academia started with a desire to explore the legal dimension of the environmental crisis and animal exploitation. To this day I am extremely passionate about learning how to implement sustainability and cruelty-free principles through legal action. The more knowledge I acquired, the more attention I wanted to give to other areas of law such as human rights. Today, the main focus of my independent research and studies is on women’s rights and environmentalism and inequality that stands behind it.

My future goals include spreading the awareness regarding those issues because I truly believe that informed means armed. Therefore, I plan to pursue an academic path of the legal career and start teaching human rights. Knowledge is enlightenment.