Malak Ejledi (2017-2018)

I am the co-founder of the Humanitarian Aid Program (HAP), which for the past year has focused on helping refugees within Cyprus by collecting donations and spreading awareness about the ongoing refugee crisis via social media. Accordingly, working with the organization has enabled me to develop the skill of effectively communicating with both the refugees and the staff by maintaining a significant degree of impartiality. Likewise, being fluent in Arabic was an advantage since it made it easier to reach an understanding with the refugees, which places me in the position of undertaking effective mediation processes within the refugee community. Additionally, I acquired and developed public speaking skills, communication and negotiation skills by participating in the mooting competitions of Uclan and taking part of the 24th and 25th Vis-moot competitions. I undertook Internships at the Michaelides & Zavallis LLC (2015) and at Mukhtar, Kelbash & Elgharabli Attorneys (2017) whereby; I gained advocacy skills by training on various legal matters and procedures. Taking part of this project would enhance my knowledge on mediation, which I could then introduce and implement within my hometown Libya, where mediation is not as popular. Furthermore, mediation could limit the ‘compensation culture’ within several of countries.