Oluwatodimu Bankole – Todi (2017-2018)

My name is Oluwatodimu Bankole (Todi). I am a certified human rights trainer and also a co-founder of the Humanitarian Aid Program which is an organisation that raises donations for refugees on a large scale. Accordingly, I am a human rights activist for the No Hate Speech Movement which is a campaign founded by the youth sector of the Council of Europe to tackle hate speech and enhance human rights education. As an activist, I develop effective and non-violent tools such as bookmarks, which contain counter-narratives and alternative narratives that can be used to combat hate speech. Also, I develop mechanisms by which people can be educated on how to effectively use these narratives and methods within their organisations and communities. Previously, I have worked as a child counsellor to vulnerable children in Nigeria and a co-opted protection officer of children and vulnerable adults in Cyprus. Furthermore, I briefly worked as a board member with the African Chapter of Jobs without Borders which required me direct the ambassadors and volunteers on how to give humanitarian assistance to youths in Africa. In addition, I worked as a collaborator with One Woman At A Time (OWAAT) to help victims of sex trafficking from Nigeria to Italy. I currently work as a volunteer social worker for refugees, asylum seekers and migrant workers. Also, I work as the Cyprus Ambassador and Correspondent of the OLBIOS Network for Action and, I assist in teaching basic English language to refugees and asylum seekers in order to help with their integration into the society.