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Social Mediation goes Global | ICLAIM and UCLan Cyprus are joining the 2022 Global Solutions Forum

Social Mediation goes Global | ICLAIM and UCLan Cyprus are joining the 2022 Global Solutions Forum

On 18 January 2022, ICLAIM and UCLan Cyprus will be presenting the Social Mediation project at the 2022 Global Solutions Forum, which will take place in Dubai! Our project was selected among others through a competition organised during the GIZ/SDSN Initiatives Lab, which took place in September.

The event is hosted by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) of the United Nations, and it brings together experts on sustainable development form all around the world, giving them the opportunity to present local initiatives to a global audience. Therefore, the event promotes the exchange of ideas and the potential for new global partnerships across areas of expertise and networks.

ICLAIM, which is a partner of the Cyprus SDSN Network, has already initiated a round of consultations with future partners from Kenya, the Sahel, Nigeria, Uganda and India, for the design and implementation of a new Social Mediation project that will address vulnerable social groups, with a focus on Youth and Women, as well as community leaders, and law enforcement and disaster prevention professionals from these regions. Vulnerable groups and needs have been identified by each global partner.

The COVID19 pandemic in 2020 reinforced the political polarisation and social uncertainty observed in the last decade, following the 2008 financial crisis and a number of other crises situations around the world, resulting in growing physical and psychological violence. Within this context of weakening social cohesion and growing rivalry in our societies, we hereby propose the implementation of an original and innovative Social Mediation training, in an effort to improve the capacity of communities in dealing with such phenomena.

The ultimate objective is to expand globally and durably the applicability of social mediation by promoting awareness and providing training, in close collaboration with our partners, who we envisage to take the role of ‘local experts’ in terms of the difficulties their respective societies face.

The project is aligned to the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

For more information you can visit the project’s website www.social-mediation.org and contact ICLAIM at: info@iclaimcentre.org