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Life balance in times of crisis

Life balance in times of crisis

Dear Readers, it is with great please that we would like to introduce the founder of Women in Law International, which focus on equality, balance and self-empowerment for all involved with THE Legal profession. Nevertheless, in times like this, where the pandemic hit our lives, confining us and our personal freedoms, balance is a vital virtue for every single one of us. We thus, introduce the inspirational founder of Women in Law International, Dr. Linda Spedding, who is also the Vice President of Adhyatmik Foundation Inc, whose key objective is the dissemination of the perennial Vedic Philosophy and wisdom that originate in India. If you wish to contact us, please do so by sending an email to info@iclaimcentre.org or linda@spedding.org for any direct questions regarding WiL International.

Dr Linda S. Spedding, is an International Lawyer and Adviser. She is one of the few lawyers who qualified in three jurisdictions, a Solicitor (England and Wales), Advocate (India) and Attorney at Law (USA). She has worked at the Legal Service of the European Commission and in matters before the European Court. Dr Spedding provides consultancy to law firms and clients of various sectors, including the non-profit sector. She has advised, trained and spoken on business risk management and sustainability, including guidance on responsible, ethical and transparent trade and business relationships. She is the founder of WiL International which is concerned with key aspects of gender empowerment and fairness.

Her participation in the gender debate has undoubtedly enabled a unique understanding of the issues and concerns in differing jurisdictions and she is passionate about enabling individuals to realise their potential as far as possible through positive action and collaboration. Hence, her contribution during such troubling times to the community is of outmost importance. Her piece, produced below, is based upon her extensive experience with Adhyatmik Foundation Inc. and her activities at Balanced Lives (www.balancedlives.info) where she offers stress and life management consultancy sessions and training.

Equilibrium in a time of Turbulence

In this world of Maya (Sanskrit word meaning in this context looking or appearing real but in fact not real, transitory) research is constantly evolving and being disseminated – and very small steps taken with equally small results from the universal perspective – regarding Life on the planet and its meaning. It is so mystical that any manmade solution or answer can also be so limited. Life is all around that demonstrates a different equilibrium from that in the usual human understanding. Take the finding that some sharks have been found to live around 500 years and become pregnant around age 150 years or that birds on their transatlantic journeys sleep as they fly! They may survive so many evident life crises and changes with equilibrium. If we are to find the equilibrium we seek to live a happy and healthy life evidence is available in so many different forms of life. Prof Dr Svami Purna (Svamiji) has explained this in His Vedic discourses and clarified that we can find guidance, teaching and direction everywhere in Nature, the five elements and on Mother Earth (see www.adhyatmik.org for further details).

The Sages and Seers have delved for centuries into the mystery of life and its meaning. Moreover the Vedas have provided perennial wisdom that can give direction in the quest for living a happy, healthy and meaningful life. Such direction enables resilience to deal with the ups and downs of life. This continues to ring true today as we witness the strife and unsettled vibration that persists in many parts of the world, especially as we go through the crisis manifested through the Coronavirus. We are able to apply such Teaching and philosophy to today’s world. We can reflect on what is right living, what are real priorities at the end of the day.

We can explore vital questions for life in today’s world. One of the key concerns, of course, relates to resources. What do we mean by resources? Who do they belong to? How do they relate to possessions? How do we find fairness and balance? How can we make our existence beneficial for others and not just ourselves? How can we find harmony and peace within and without? There is no doubt that for the inhabitants of this planet to have a sustainable time and future in accordance with the Spiritual Tenets and Guidance we should review how we are dealing with our resources, individually and collectively, throughout our lives in the best way we can. We should find love, contentment and inner peace through practices, applying these to our day to day lives and dealings and activities so that a smooth framework for life manifests.

When considering the five basic needs that Svamiji speaks about – food, health, education, clothing and shelter (also see illustration on www.Adhyatmik.org) – we should strive for what can be achieved in our individual circumstances and let the outcome flow. We should endeavor to make a very light footprint on the planet in terms of sustainability, the environment and energy usage and be responsible, while being free from guilt or self-disturbance, letting go of and releasing any anxiety, anger or frustration. We explore and delve into ways to deal with some of the challenges of living life and handling resources in a balanced life under the Guidance of the Teachings set out so beautifully in the Purna Health Management System published by Adhyatmik Foundation.

One of our main resources as human beings is our time. As Svamiji has taught so often – it is generally in our hands how we manage this – so that we balance our priorities, such as work and relaxation. Also our pleasures and what we may consider to be chores, as well as our attitude toward how we appreciate each new day, even moment. As Svamiji Teaches, by analogy we can design the interior of our property even if the exterior is not completely within our discretion. That has such symbolic meaning. We should try to be positive – without blame or complaint – so that this becomes an ongoing helpful habit and character trait and we have the resilience to begin a new more understanding- even enlightened- era that embraces true equilibrium in a time of turbulence.

We have our health – in mind, body and soul – to look after, preserve and let flourish. We also have our financial resources to attain, preserve and share responsibly. Integral to this we have our education and intellectual pursuits to take care of. Then we have our relationships, family, friends and others, including strangers. All of this requires a balanced approach as well as some understanding of how far we actually own anything but are rather temporary stewards learning from the experience of our life.